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About Our Dogs


When working with problem dogs, it is often necessary to have on hand a selection of emotionally stable, well-balanced dogs.  This "pack" of dogs can serve many functions in the rehabilitation process.  Balanced dogs can serve as role models for a problem dog; they can also become playmates, allowing for social interaction; and they can simply provide a non-reactive target stimulus for the problem dog, dissipating any social tensions and frustrations.  We've had many dogs assume these critical roles in the rehabilitation process.  Here's our current line-up:




Philly came to us as a semi-feral adult dog.  She was very reactive to both humans and dogs, and was not trust-worthy with either.  After several months of work, she finally started to come around.  She ended up staying with us-- after she learned how to play, she was an incredible nanny-dog for various puppies coming to us with issues.




Cody was a fear-biter from a local shelter.  He thrived with a gentle approach, and later became a confident little dog.  He remained with us and now helps others dogs his size find their place in the world.




Dorian is not the brains of the operation.  But what he lacks in brilliance he makes up for in social skill and fortitude.  He's a solid unflappable dog, both physically and socially.  He's the go-to dog when working with other reactive dogs.  When not working, he enjoys collecting calories.





Teddy was another behavioral case that came to us as a puppy.  Even at 6 weeks old, he could be quite nasty and even aggressive, though he's now nicely recovered.  Part American Bulldog, he is a very high-drive dog, and excels in all types of sports and physical activities.  Teddy tells us right away when another dog is emotionally unstable.


Archibald (Archie) was clearly a backyard dog, as he had no idea how to behave inside a home.  With consistent training and guidance, he soon became a valuable member of our small-dog brigade.


Chacho macho


Chacho is a Shih-tzu that came to us as a puppy with a serious biting problem.  Once tamed, he became an immediate asset as part of our small-dog brigade.  Despite his vision issues, he gets around and socializes just fine.


We've also had some great mentor dogs that have since passed...




Besser Blue




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